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Destination : awesome

Being together with your friends, at unexpected places, with exciting things happening, that’s what legendary moments are made of. Fruity Fire is such a legendary moment, that evolved into a brand. Parties, chill out time, disruption and sexy people blend into a cocktail we tend to name Fruity Fire. Imagination mixed with weird words that contain the vibe of the young generation party people, form the cradle of the creation of these shirts and caps.

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Wall of fame

Fruity fire wall of fame Dave


Fruity fire wall of fame Igor & Lucas

Igor & Lucas

Fruity fire wall of fame Javier & Aven

Javier & Aven

Fruity fire wall of fame Alvaro


Fair and sustainable clothing

Fruity Fire is not just fun, we’ve also taken sustainability and ethics into consideration. First of all, the products are made of 100% organic cotton. The growing and fabrication of organic cotton drastically reduces the use of water, there are no GMO’s used, and biodiversity and crop rotations are allowed. Trying to manage and preserve our environment so that it can flourish for generations to come.

Next to that we deeply care about ethics and respecting people, and improve labour conditions for garment and textile workers. Last but not least the products are printed locally in the Netherlands at a local textile printer. Fruity Fire shirts won’t be printed until you order one, this way we never produce too much and we never keep leftovers.